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An Code of any time of any game that is running effects is On & Off. Effects can last letter without pressing Enter. Codes are can also of typing the mode of any Time it will work.

In XBLA version, you can hit LB RB LT & RT it will bring up in the menu, That it say ENTER button. All codes are here, it will works.

Codes doesn't appear in DS version and the online-demo version.

List of Codes

  • Future - Give in zombies colored-shades.
  • Mustache/Moustache - All zombies with mustaches.
  • Dance 500ft tree of wisdom - Make the zombie dance.
  • Pinata 1000ft tree of wisdom - Kills zombies when a zombie dies.
  • Sukhbir - Makes sound of sukhbir + brainss-sound.


  • The name Sukhbir is namely like named a Sukhbir Sidhu.
  • This music is like summons his Back-Up dancers.
  • Also the zombies can use when typing Dance in the I, Zombie it can also eats faster to the zombies.
  • If typing Mustache or Moustache in Game of the Year Version. It will get the achevement.
  • Some players can type SlowBoke or Tohot, Which can give to nine nine nine zero, or zombies downs. these codes does not using by Cheat engine or Modify a new program but added by any codes.

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