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Welcome to the wiki of Plants vs. Zombies. I realize there is another wikia, however, not much information was provided and unable to edit any of it. Select a tab to start.

Levels ~ Basically a walkthrough through all the levels. Tips and hints, some tricks and opinions to help you get through all the levels.

Plants ~ Give you all the plant information. Provides pictures, charts graphs, etc.

Zombies ~ Gives all information on zombies. Provides pictures, special moves, weaknesses, etc.

Minigames ~ Provides information on minigames, how to play, level of minigame, and other.

Puzzles ~ Gives information on puzzles. Helps with puzzles, etc.

Zen garden ~ Give information on Zen Garden, how-to tend plants, etc.

Crazy Dave's Store ~ Give information on Crazy Dave's Store, Prices, Item lists, etc.

More to come.

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